Pour Over Starter Kit

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Owlverick’s Pour Over Starter Kit is an all-inclusive set to enjoy one of the best ways to brew coffee!  We believe that a good cup of coffee doesn’t need a fancy machine or crazy technology.  The Pour Over method accentuates coffee’s intricate flavors compared to other brewing methods, allowing the more subtle notes and aromas to shine. Enjoy as a new home essential or give as a thoughtful present for someone you love. Kit includes six cups of coffee!


  • 100% Ceramic Owlverick’s V60 Dripper Tool in either Black or White with dimensions:
    • Height: 4.0″
    • Width: 5.5″
    • Depth: 4.7″
    • Weight: 0.9 pounds
    • Capacity: 1-4 cups
  • Owlverick’s Glass Tumbler Color Matched to your V60 Color Choice (12 oz capacity)
  • Gooseneck pour kettle (Do NOT use over open flame or direct heat.)
  • 6 x Single Serve Ready-to-Brew Taster Packs (3 x Light Roast, 3 x Dark Roast) that makes 6 cups of Coffee
  • Sample Pack of Paper Filters (V60 Size 02)
  • Instructional Brew Guide, Tasting Wheel

The cone shape design and the inner spiral ribs of the brewer allow the ground coffee to expand, extracting optimum flavor for every sip. Gooseneck Kettle has volumetric markings on the inside and allows you to pour precisely and with ease.

The Kit not only comes with your choice of either a black or white Pour Over Tool and matching glass tumbler (12 oz), but also 6 x single serve ready-to-brew taster packs containing pre-ground Light and Dark Roast coffees selected by us. Perfect your pour over and elevate your taste buds with the help of the included Tasting Wheel. Experience why the Pour Over is loved by so many in the coffee community!

Please allow 3 business days for us to ship this item.



HOW TO BREW VIDEO:  https://youtu.be/8VqdcAyk4J0


  • 600ml: Use 36-44 grams of medium ground coffee.
  • 300ml: Use 18-22 grams of medium ground coffee.
  • Paper Filter: V60 cone-shape filter, 2-4 cup option. Size 02.

We recommend preheating the cone for professional coffee brewing results. Explore and play with your brewer to get each cup of coffee to taste just how you like it. The grind size you use, the Owlverick’s roast you choose, and even the water you use, can alter the taste in your cup.


Ceramic and metal parts are dishwasher safe on delicate cycle, but hand washing is recommended.


  • DO NOT USE Gooseneck Kettle on stove top or on any direct heat source; instead boil water first in your normal kettle and then carefully transfer into your Gooseneck Kettle for easy precision pouring.
  • Be careful not to pour hot water over the top of the Gooseneck kettle while performing your pour over.
  • Do not use ANY parts in this kit in a microwave, on a stove or in an oven.

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