Vintage Pour Over Set


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Unique, minimal and beautiful. Designed to produce an evenly brewed cup of coffee, the inner spiral ribs of the brewer allow the ground coffee to expand, extracting optimum flavor for every sip. The glass carafe is made from tempered glass for safety and an ergonomic handle for comfortable pouring. Helpful measure markings are printed on the side of the server for stress-free brewing for you and your guests. Add your favorite Owlverick’s coffee and enjoy as a new home essential or give a thoughtful present for that important someone.


  • Glass Retro-inspired Pour Over with Wooden Base
  • Glass Serving Carafe
  • Sample Pack of Paper Filters
  • Your Choice of Coffee (10oz Bag)

Choose option ROASTER’S CHOICE for Holiday Blend.



600 ml Hand-made Glass Coffee Maker.

We recommend preheating the cone for professional coffee brewing results. Explore and play with your brewer to get each cup of coffee to taste just how you like it. The grinder you use, coffee you choose, and even the water you use, can alter the taste in your cup. Immerse yourself in the moment; your morning, your cup! For more tips on how to perfect your pour over, check out our Instagram.