Sir Owlverick’s Jet Setter Flight Box makes a perfect gift for the adventurous coffee drinker in your life! This coffee trio features three blends with varying roast levels- light, medium, and dark.

3 bags, 4 oz (113g) each

Flight Box includes:

  • (4oz) Tokyo Lights: Multiple regions (AFRICAN BLEND). Founder Amy’s take on a lighter roast is bright, fruity, and mildly acidic. Delicious fruit and citrus notes with lightly roasted almond. USDA Organic.
  • (4oz) Coastal Blend: Multiple regions (AFRICA, CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA). Smooth, easy to drink medium roast. Balanced acidity and cocoa body, complemented with sweetness from light almond and honey. USDA Organic.
  • (4oz) Saigon Blend: Multiple regions. (SOUTH AMERICA, AFRICA & SOUTHEAST ASIA). Arabica and Robusta beans. Exquisitely bold and rich in taste. Creamy texture, nutty with hints of dark chocolate and a sweet toffee finish.

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